Saturday, September 13, 2008

2008 6 nights Osaka Trip Plan from Sydney

Discount coupons

1st Day 9/11/08 Sun
08:50 Sydney Airport
20:40 Kansai Airport
21:30 Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport book through Interpark
Interpark Korean website
Semi double room (inc. breakfast) ¥14400 per room per night payment due is 31/10/08

2nd Day 10/11/08 Mon
10:00 Rinku Outlet
14:00 City Plaza Osaka book through Jalan net Japanese website
Semi double room (exc. breakfast) ¥9450 per room per night pay at the site
15:00 Shinsaibashi, Dotombori, Kaiyukan

3rd Day 11/11/08 USJ
Universal Studio Japan English web available
Birthday discount ticket (¥5100 per adult) available through websites.

4th Day 12/11/08 Wed Kobe use Kansai through pass

How to get there: Nonstop express to Himeji @ Umeda station, Hanshin line, get off the last stop, Sanyo Himeji (ca. 1:30) 10 min walk from Sanyo Himeji station
What else: Kokoen
admission: Himeji-jo ¥600

Lunch set(¥2940) @ Biftek Kawamura
Ebi to niku no bata yaki(¥1600) @ Kamomeya Himeji nishi ten

Kitano Ijinkan(北野異人館) and City
How to get there:

◈ Harbour area
How to get there:

Omurice (¥892) @ Guriru Suematsu, Kitano, Kobe
Dinner buffet (¥2499) @ Fisher Man's Market, Mosaic, Kobe

5th day 13/11/08 Thu Arashiyama area, Kyoto use Kansai through pass
Sagano Kankō Tetsudō(嵯峨野観光鉄道, Sagano Kankō Tetsudō)
How to get there:
Hankyu Umeda - (40 min. train) - Hankyu Saiin (2 min. walk) - Keifuku Sai - (17 min. train) - Keifuku Randen Saga - (4 min. walk) - JR Saga Arashiyama - (8 min. train) - JR Umahori - (10 min. walk) - Torokko Kameoka

JR Saga Arashiyama - JR Umahori : single ticket ¥190
Torokko Kameoka - Torokko Arashiyama : single ticket ¥600


Obanzai @ Kiyaatei, near Arashiyama station, Keifuku line Lunch buffet (¥1580)

Keifuku Arashiyama - Shijo Oomiya - bus no. 207 - Kiyomizu michi

Kiyomizudera - (walk via Sannenjaka & Ninenjaka) - Kion

Hankyu Kyoto Kawaramachi - ( 42 min. express train) - Umeda

Otagi nenbutsu-ji(愛宕念佛寺)

6th day 14/11/08 Fri Osaka city Use Osaka Juyu Pass

7th day 15/11/09 Sat
09:00 Osaka
12:00 Hotel check out
14:00 Rinku outlet
18:00 Kansai Airport

8th day 16/11/09
09:45 Sydney Airport


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New year resolution

melbourne Skyline

I know that it's bit late to mention it. However I just wanted to make sure what I thought and what I wanted to do very beginning of this year.

1. Working out
"Starting is a half of achevement" This is Korean proverb. In that meaning, I may already acheve half of this resolution. Because My hubby and I joined Fitness First last month. What we need is just keep going to do exercise.

2. Saving money
I found out some high rate interest internet banking services. So I really wanted to make one of them. It's simple application via web. You don't need to open new account and just link it to your exist bank account. You can get information on the internet banking deposit from Yahoo finance.

3. Traveling
It has been my wish for a long time, but this time I really wish to go to somewhere other than Sydney. First option is Melbourne, second is Canberra and at least Blue Mountain.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Let's play Tetris!!!

Recently I really into this game. I'm not good at this, but I'v been to stage 7. ^^/ Good luck to you~

Sunday, January 15, 2006

My hubby's new mobile phone!

Finally My hubby bought new mobile handset today!

We've used 3G services around 2 years. It is $9 plan for 24 months and plus10 min free call to any 3G number at any time. It's quite good plan when you contact people who also use 3G, but if you call other than 3G, they are going to charge you high rate fee.

Recently my hubby spend lots of time at outside and last month we needed to pay about $50 for our mobile. (nomally it wasn't over $30 before) So he really wanted to change his plan and handset, but we keep the services company. Because we couldn't throw the 10 min. free call to 3G.

Now my hubby, very very happy man in the world with new handset, is looking around his mobile and listening to the music via new handset.
And I wish he could live happily ever after. (Honey, I'm alright. I'm fine...)

Someday I could get a handset better than yours, couldn't I?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

It's really hard to raise children in anywhere

Recently I'm getting many news from friends who became mother.
So I started to think about being parent even I still don't have any plans.
However today I found this article on the Sydney Morning Herald website.
"Pay the mortgage - or educate your child"

This article really scared me to have a baby(not babies).
I've been thinking it might be better to educate children in Australia than Korea.
Since most Korean parents spend so much money to send their children to private educations as they believe that public school is not enough to put their child to definite level of education.
However when I read last paragraph of the article, Australian public schools seems not enough as well.

It made me be sure what I believe.
That I must postpone a family plan until my husband and I get a secure job with a good pay.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

2006 Calendar from Simple Savings

I joined a membership of Simple Savings a few weeks ago, because I felt I'm not on the way of saving stuff. However I haven't check the websites properly and I doubt my willing to saving.

Anyway this is free stuff from Simple Savings' home page and you just print it out, then you can have great 2006 calendar which includes many tips for saving.

If you want it, just click here. → 2006 Calendar from Simple Savings

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Santa @ Bondi Beach

I found this photo from Sydney Morning Herald internet today.

I've been asked about how is summer christmas from many friends who never experienced it. So I thought if I show this photo they could imagine what summer christmas is like .

The following is the article from Sydney Morning Herald.

December 4, 2005 - 1:21PM
Sinterklaas, the Dutch Santa Claus, makes an appearance at Bondi Beach.
A tradition celebrated on December 5 each year, Sinterklaas is accompanied by his helper Zwarte Piet who puts naughty children in his large bag to teach them a lesson.